All about ARBOREX

Here is a simple introduction to understand what kind of company ARBOREX is. If you are interested in our company, please take a look at other pages as well.

What is ARBOREX?

ARBOREX is a long-standing company established 100 years ago.

It was established as the Yamada lumbermill in 1921. Initially producing wooden and packaging boxes, the company later shifted to manufacturing building materials for houses. In 1990, the company changed its name to ARBOREX. The company will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2021.

Becoming Expert in Living Space Decorations

We manufacture a wide range of wooden interior parts as indoor doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, etc…Probably ARBOREX products are being used in your home.

What kind of products are we making?

We manufacture a wide range of wooden interior parts as indoor doors, cabinet doors, sliding doors, etc…

We manufacture essential parts for designing & creating the house space, including interior doors, storage doors, cabinet, wooden fixture materials, etc. We do not only produce according to customer order but also design our own original products.

Experience with various door materials

We produce different kinds of doors, such as the functional series “Flush Door” and luxury series “Components Door” to provide the different tastes for specific project.

Building relationships with customers nationwide

We are providing added-value products and services for various house makers, builders, and building material manufacturers across Japan. The business cores based on these sales segments led us to improve our management stability.

What makes us unique, and what are our strengths?

Orders using various materials and in small quantities

We handle orders with various materials and minimum quantities quickly and accurately under the complete production control and quality management process. In doing so, we have built a deep and lasting relationship with clients from major house makers to local house builders.

Actual field delivery

We have special logistic systems in place to ensure the direct delivery of products in the construction field for both mass orders from major manufacturers and minimum orders for individual clients.

Won the GOOD DESIGN Award with the ability to make new proposals

ARBOREX won the GOOD DESIGN Award twice: In 2014 for the “Breeze Door” product and 2018 for the “Slit Frame” product. ARBOREX was only able to achieve this high standard and produce such unique products through sales, design & development, manufacturing, and quality management teams.

What is our future vision?

The new challenge to the non-residence section.

ARBOREX has been continuously growing with business development plans for the next 10 and 20 years. As a part of these business strategies, we aim to focus not only on the housing section but also on extending our presence into the “non-residence section” and expanding the business into making local wood products for the public.

Business Development in Southeast Asia

With the prospect of economic growth and business development in Southeast Asia, we are training employees who can work in this field internationally. We are challenging ourselves to become successful as a global scale company as well.

Remarkable Economic Development in the Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) building district